Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hippie Gypsy in Tempe, Arizona!

Hippie Gypsy is an amazingly cool store that sells all kinds of goods/products from cloths to incense. 

As you enter the store, you will feel as though you have been transported back into the 1960's! 

The atmosphere is extremely friendly/comfortable, and The smell of the store is wonderful; like relaxing in a field of flowers!

If you are ever in Arizona, I would recommend checking this place out! :)

Hippie Gypsy is located In downtown Tempe
(Mill Avenue District)

The exact location is 601 S Mill Ave.
Click Here for a map to the store.

Here is an informative video of a Hippie Gypsy store in New Orleans. 

Note: This is a video about the general goods/products they sell at Hippie Gypsy, and also explains why they don't have an official website.

This is another fun and informative video about the "hippie" movement and how hippies came to be :) Enjoy

-Sincerely, A Hippie Gypsy Fan